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Jan 24, 2010 6:00pm EST
with david kerley in washington. >> reporter: president obama is just days away from his first state of the union, which he is now forced to use to respond to tuesday's stunning senate defeat in massachusetts. >> i think people are angry in this country. they were angry in massachusetts. that we haven't made more progress on the economy. >> reporter: republicans smell blood. >> we see it all over the country, in tea parties, in town halls. people are alarmed and angry about the spending, the debt, the government takeovers. >> reporter: knowing the loss of the senate super majority threatens his agenda, aides tell "the new york times" the president won't offer new propoe sams in his state of the union but try to explain how his plans address angers among voters. aides admit they didn't see the massachusetts loss coming, no heads will be ronling at the white house. >> washington loves the shakeup story, washington loves the, when are we going to throw a body out story. that's not how we roll. >> reporter: president obama is taking charge, changing the democratic political machine. >> i
Jan 10, 2010 6:00pm EST
washington with revelations about president obama, the clintons and sarah palin. how it could affect the president's agenda. >>> the bonus backlash. those bailed out banks dishing out fat bonuses now. is this acceptable behavior for the companies that brought the economy to its knees? >>> night shift. nbc confirms it is moving jay leno again. but will leno and conan o'brien go along with this? >>> and, happiness inc. she showed millions a road from misery to inner peace. so, why is she now on a different road? >>> good evening. washington, a town powered by gossip, is consumed tonight by a book spilling dozens of secrets from the 2008 campaign. today, top republicans were calling for harry reid to resign as the senate majority leader, afternoon just one of those secrets was revealed. reid's prediction that then candidate barack obama could become president because he was, quote, light skinned and had no negro dialect. today, the head of the republican party said there is a double-standard at work here. >> there is this standard where democrats feel they can say these things and they
Jan 17, 2010 6:00pm EST
in washington, d.c. today, a crush of people, wanting to help, to give. >> just a quick overview of the general situation. >> reporter: at american red cross headquarters -- >> i need to speak to isabel -- >> reporter: they are scrambling to get aid in. >> how do we coordinate it? >> reporter: while americans hope their donation is buying a bottle of water -- >> we established a land bridge. >> reporter: the vast majority of money right now is used for gasoline, transportation. if somebody sends you $1, $10, where is that going to go? >> well, we -- it's a really good question. i think it's primarily to be sending, to be purchasing and moving supplies for people who need them. >> reporter: the haiti disaster turned into a test of sorts for the american red cross, which has faced a decade of management trouble and controversy. after 9/11, the agency was accused of porting donations for other disasters. after katrina, accusations. new management is now in charge. >> we haven't really seen them put to the test. so, that's what this disaster is going to be. and they know it and are aware of it. >>
Jan 3, 2010 6:00pm EST
, in yemen tonight, but we start with rachel martin who is in washington. rachel? >> reporter: good evening, dan. administration officials say yemen has been high on their radar for the past year, but the u.s. embassy in yemen today shut down amid terrorist threats. the british embassy followed suit. all of these, the latest in a string of events that have put a new focus on yemen and its links to terrorism. in yemen, security forces step up training in their fight against al qaeda. >> this is a real threat. this is an imminent threat that is coming from the al qaeda arabian peninsula area. >> reporter: the top u.s. commander in the middle east met with the president in yemen, promising $140 million in aid, double the amount from last year. the move won republican support. >> the increased assistance that we are providing to yemen is absolutely essential. >> reporter: in 2009 alone, there were three attacks in the u.s. with links to yemen. the muslim convert who killed a u.s. army recruiter in little rock, arkansas. the ft. hood shooting in texas, and the christmas day attack on a plane abo
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)